“Power to Change”

“Our Time is Not Short”

“Fame Comes From God”

“Do Not Be Afraid”

“Good Grief!”

“Sound of Freedom”

“Jesus IS the Answer”

God’s Word for 2014

He Who Has an Ear

Stop Judging, Start Forgiving and Give Thanks

“Look to Me, says the Lord”

“Trust in God’s Timing”

“Taking God’s Name in Vain?

“Who Do You Think He Is?”

“Come Holy Spirit”

“The Real Deal”

“Go In The Right Direction”

“Don’t Go Back, Move Forward”

WOTS: Celebrate Jesus

WOTS: “He Knows and He Cares”

WOTS: Fire Testimony Pt. 2

WOTS: Fire Testimony Pt. 1

WOTS: “Fear Not! Who’s the Boss?”

WOTS: “What is Your Confession?”

WOTS: “God’s Favor is Unmerited”

WOTS: “What Are You Waiting On?” Part 2

WOTS: “What Are You Waiting On”?

WOTS: “Are You Including the Lord?”

WOTS: (Resurredct the Vision”

WOTS: “Father, Son & Holy Spirit” Part 1

WOTS: “Father, Son & Holy Spirit” Part 2

WOTS: “Father, Son & Holy Spirit” Part 3

WOTS: “The Miracle of a Grateful Heart!”

WOTS: “Where’s the Heart of Your Mind?”

WOTS: “We Need Each Other”

WOTS: “Prefer One Another”

WOTS: “I the Lord Choose to Bless You”

WOTS: “Get Up..You’re Alive”



WOTS: “The Name Above All Names!” 

WOTS: “Why Don’t We Laugh Anymore?” 

WOTS: “Don’t Forget Who You Are In Christ!”

WOTS: Poverty Spirit New–Md3k2NmI

WOTS: “Do not forget what God Said”

WOTS: “Gather Together”

WOTS: “Christ Redeems: Testimony & Teaching”

WOTS: “God has a plan for your Life!” SALVATION PRAYER

“Who Has Your Awe?” Unforgiveness:

Offering Prayer:

Poverty Spirit:

Come Home, Come back:

He’s Alive, Conversation with God:

Offering and Partnership:

“Can These Dry Bones Live?”

“Know who you are”

“Word for NCC”:

Catch & Cast:


He’s Alive:

Corporate Word: